Waste Recycling Solutions by Jain Hydraulics Recycling

Recycling Process Optimization

As the waste recycling industry continues to evolve, Jain Hydraulics Recycling addresses the challenge of efficiently managing waste materials. This positively impacts sustainability and profitability. To achieve this, we introduce advanced processing methods such as sorting, shredding, compacting, and briquetting. These techniques streamline the handling of waste materials, making transportation and storage more efficient.
Embracing waste recycling not only contributes to environmental preservation by reducing landfill usage but also offers a sustainable and profitable solution. This venture ensures a constant supply of recyclable materials, promoting job creation and contributing to the establishment of a circular economy.

Comprehensive Waste Recycling Product Range

Jain Hydraulics Recycling takes pride in offering a comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge waste recycling machinery, featuring Balers, and Shredders.

In addition to supplying top-notch machinery, we provide consultancy services aimed at optimizing production in existing waste recycling setups and assisting in the development of new recycling facilities. Our commitment to custom solutions ensures that the unique waste processing requirements of each client are met with precision.

Sustainable Waste Processing System

Jain Hydraulics Recycling has developed a holistic and sustainable waste processing system that focuses on efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental responsibility. This system encompasses:

In essence, Jain Hydraulics Recycling not only provides cutting-edge machinery but also serves as a strategic partner in advancing sustainable and profitable waste recycling practices in the business landscape.


Waste Recycling

Horizontal Baler

The Horizontal Baler Machine or Scrap Press/Baling Machine provides a versatile and space-efficient waste, and metal scrap management solution, horizontally compressing various materials into compact bales, optimizing storage and transportation.

Jumbo PLC
Metal Recycling | Waste Recycling

Jumbo PLC Baler

The Jumbo PLC Baler Machine or Scrap Press/Baling Machine combines cutting-edge technology with a large processing capacity, featuring programmable logic control for precision and efficiency in handling and baling recyclable materials. Designed to be used in metal scrap processing, and waste processing.

Triple Action
Waste Recycling

Triple Action Baler

Introducing our Hydraulic Triple Action Scrap Press/Baling Machine or a Baler Machine, a revolutionary waste processing solution. This baler combines compressing, baling, and ejecting actions for efficient waste management. With a high-capacity compression chamber, it handles diverse materials like cardboard, paper, and plastics. Reduce waste volume, optimize storage, and enhance operational efficiency with this user-friendly baler.

Waste Recycling

Vertical Baler

The Vertical Baler Machine or Scrap Press/Baling Machine offers a space-saving and user-friendly solution for baling recyclable materials in an upright position, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficiency in vertical waste compaction.

Hammer Mill
Metal Recycling | Waste Recycling

Hammer Mill Shredder

A Hammer Mill is a powerful Shredder machine or Shredding Machine designed to break large metal or waste scraps into smaller, denser portions, eliminating rust, dust, and color impurities. Specially engineered hammers apply high-torque impacts, beating, shredding, and shearing the scrap until it reaches the desired size at the machine's bottom structure. The hammers, crafted from special alloy steel, ensure durability and resistance to impacts for an extended lifespan

Twin Shaft
Metal Recycling | Waste Recycling

Twin Shaft Shredder

Twin Shaft Shredder machine or Shredding Machine is designed for efficient size reduction of various materials including like metal scrap or waste. It has two parallel shafts with interlocking cutting blades or knives that rotate in opposite directions. The dual-shaft design enhances the shredding capability and reduces the risk of material jams. Twin shaft shredders are versatile can process a wide range of scrap like, including plastics, rubber, metal, metal scrap, paper, and more. The Shredding action break down materials into smaller, more manageable pieces, making them suitable for recycling.