Hammer Mill
Metal Recycling | Waste Recycling

Hammer Mill Shredder

A Hammer Mill is a powerful Shredder machine or Shredding Machine designed to break large metal or waste scraps into smaller, denser portions, eliminating rust, dust, and color impurities. Specially engineered hammers apply high-torque impacts, beating, shredding, and shearing the scrap until it reaches the desired size at the machine's bottom structure. The hammers, crafted from special alloy steel, ensure durability and resistance to impacts for an extended lifespan

Twin Shaft
Metal Recycling | Waste Recycling

Twin Shaft Shredder

Twin Shaft Shredder machine or Shredding Machine is designed for efficient size reduction of various materials including like metal scrap or waste. It has two parallel shafts with interlocking cutting blades or knives that rotate in opposite directions. The dual-shaft design enhances the shredding capability and reduces the risk of material jams. Twin shaft shredders are versatile can process a wide range of scrap like, including plastics, rubber, metal, metal scrap, paper, and more. The Shredding action break down materials into smaller, more manageable pieces, making them suitable for recycling.