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Heavy Duty Metal Shredder
Scrap Shredders Manufacturer India
A Shredder is a machine that tears large scrap into smaller portions of higher density that are free from rust, dust & colour contents. The scrap is fragmented into small pieces by specially designed Hammers that strike the in feed scrap with very high torque. These hammers beat, shred and shear the scrap feed inside the machine until it is converted into the sheave size which is provided at the bottom structure of the machine. The hammers are made of special alloy steel for longer life and impact resistance.

Today, every business recognizes the importance of reducing the waste and treating it more responsibly, thereby reducing the carbon foot print and lowering its environmental impact.  Sustainable business strategy is on everyone’s list as our world is scarce with resources and hence, we ought to bring business models that create minimum waste.

Jain Hydraulics understands this consensus & thus manufactures Shredders for various applications. A metal shredder with a magnetic conveyor belt can shred & segregate the ferrous and non ferrous scrap; a bio-medical waste shredder can shred the sterilized medical waste & reduce its size and a car shredder can transform the complete car into small pieces within minutes. Therefore, a few key aspects are worth considering before finalising what type of shredder best suits your requirement. They are:
  • How intense is your recycling program
  • What is your scrap profile
  • What is the required output
  • What is the expected return per ton of shredded scrap 
  • Does your scrap require pre-shredding
  • How big is your recycling plant
  • What all information you want from the equipment
  • What is the expected life of the equipment & its parts
  • What is the machine downtime
The shredded scrap is of great importance for the EAF as the amount of recovery and the associated costs that they incur depend greatly on the quality of the shredded scrap. Shredding is a capital intensive process & one should aim to achieve the highest recovery rate possible that ensures maximum revenue gain. Thus, after considering all such parameters, Jain Hydraulics manufactures shredders that produce the best results at the minimum possible costs. The Shredded steel scrap has many advantages over other types of scrap particularly when used in an electric furnace. They are:
  • There is a high yield of hot metal as a ratio of input shredded scrap
  • The chemistry of the hot metal is more uniform heat after heat
  • The good density means there are less back charges in order to reach furnace capacity
  • There is less electrode breakage
  • There is longer furnace lining life
  • There is less sulfur in the hot metal
  • There is less phosphorus in the hot metal
  • There is less electric consumption per ton of hot metal
  • There is less air pollution
  • There are less hot spots in the furnace
  • When shredded scrap is mixed with other feed stock the shredded scrap fills the voids providing a more dense mix
  • Shredded scrap lends itself to better material handling techniques
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