Metal Recycling

Alligator Shear

Alligator Shear Machine is a efficient scrap shearing solution, capable of handling diverse materials like TMT Bar, Angle Channel, Round & Bar. With a broad shearing jaw, pedal control, and high-quality blades, this machine ensures precision cutting and increased productivity. Whether you're dealing with industrial scraps or construction materials, the Alligator Shear effortlessly operates as your go-to shear machine, making it an indispensable asset for your operations.

Metal Recycling

Box Shear

Box Shear Machine is a High-Performance metal processing solution featuring 3-D compression technology, motion control, and durable components like HARDOX 600-BHN Wear-Resistant Plate. Ideal for versatile applications, this shear ensures efficient processing of light and heavy-duty materials. Whether you're working with thin sheets or thick plates, the Box Shear operates as your reliable shear machine, offering precise cuts and increased productivity.

Metal Recycling

Continuous Shear

Continuous Shear Machine is a High-Capacity scrap processing solution, handling mixed and heavy-duty scrap up to 50 tons per hour. No length restrictions, with user-friendly features like cut length adjustment and automatic lubrication. Choose from stationary or semi-mobile options for seamless operation without the need for an operator.

Metal Recycling

Nibbling Shear

Nibbling Shear Machine is our nimble nibblers are engineered to handle diverse metal types, from iron and copper to steel, with precision and efficiency. Efficiently processes various metals like TMT Bar, Angle Channel, Round & Bar. With precision, it handles 62-80 mm thick Rounds and wide scrap effortlessly, controlled seamlessly with our PLC Pedal. Minimizing waste and maximizing value, our technology ensures a sustainable and streamlined approach to metal recycling.