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Briquetting Machines
Briquette making press, Briquette machine manufacturer India

Today, nobody should produce waste for the simple ecological, economic and moral factors. The Foundries, Metallurgical & industrial enterprises and craftsman’s establishments are asked to take the waste back into the energy circuit as often as possible. Waste materials can become valuable secondary raw materials once they are briquetted & can be re-used by smelting. The wood shavings are compressed to be used as burning fuel; Metal chips / Turnings are reduced and converted to metal again with high recovery; Toxic materials can be reduced in volume and converted to vitrified slag which can be dumped or for reuse in road construction etc.
Our briquetting machines can produce briquettes which have been compressed at a ratio of up to 1:25. These waste briquettes can be smelted with almost no losses. The machines can also press out any oils or emulsions which may be adhering to chips. The compression of wood shavings to the extent of 5000 kg/sq cm ensures that almost every possible waste gets briquetted without molasses or any other adhesive. Such considerable reductions in the volume of wastes lead to significant savings in the haulage and storage costs and minimise the losses incurred during smelting. Due to the great value of the reclaimed material, many companies see a pay back on their capital investment in 3 to 12 months.

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