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Heavy Duty Metal Shredder
Scrap Shredders Manufacturer India
Salient Features / Benefits
1. Single line / Double Line / Hybrid systems
2. The shredded scrap recovered is mainly classified into three categories i.e. Ferrous, Non-Ferrous (light metals) & Non-Ferrous      (Heavy metals)
3. The entire process control in the Jain Hydraulics shredder plants can be done by the operator via PLC control buttons
4. The automatic control functions provided in the Jain Hydraulics shredder plants enable the monitoring & control of the In-Feed      materials in order to maximize the driver motor performance and to increase the average production rate
5. Reliable operation and ease of maintenance of the shredding plants at a lower processing cost-per-ton of scrap produced
6. Flame-proof design in case of any damage from explosion during the shredding process
7. The shredder housing is designed to open hydraulically for maximum convenience during maintenance and replacement of wear      parts
8. Wear parts are manufactured from the work hardened steel alloys manufactured in the local foundries under strict quality control      measures
9. All the parts in the Jain Hydraulics Shredder Plants are strategically positioned in order to provide ease of access and     time- efficient maintenance
10. The Jain Hydraulics shredder plants provide the option to control the in-feed rate based on the amount of HP available in the        main motor & its thermal capacity
11. The operator can increase / decrease the torque as required to process bulky scrap
12. Jain Hydraulics provide the provision of data management in its shredder plants, thereby allowing the operator to make       constant improvements in its performance
13. Jain Hydraulics shredder plants provide the data of scrap shredded per hour / per day / per month etc
14. All conveyors are set up with service platform and access ladder in case of maintenance and monitoring
15. Conveyor belts are made from durable materials that are anti-corrosive, flame-proof and multi-functional
16. Super suction Dust Collector provided in the Jain Hydraulics shredder plants minimise its environmental hazards
17. All the control units are provided with a separate cooling and filtering systems to ensure that the oil is kept clean under the       required temperatures

The Jain Hydraulics shredder plants also provide the trend analysis for...
  • The main motor amperage
  • The temperature of motor bearings and windings
  • Rotor speed
  • Points of raising or lowering the rotor speed
  • Temperature of the control units
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