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Triple Action Baling Press (Mini Automatic)
Scrap Baling Press, Scrap baling machine manufacturer India
Jain Hydraulics brand scrap baling presses enjoy excellent reputation in scrap yards, ferrous smelting plants and non-ferrous metal remelting plants. They compact virtually all the metal scrap such as sheet metals and wire scrap into square bales. The journey began way back in 1970s when Jain Hydraulics manufactured its first single action hydraulic scrap baling press to the now known fully automatic, continuous hydraulic scrap baling press. This new generation of metal presses / metal compactors sets high standards for efficient scrap processing & thus, we offer the best solutions for them.

The Triple Action scrap baling press is powerful and efficient as the other versions. These metal balers not only meet the goals with regard to operational safety, flexibility and operating costs but even exceed them. These metal balers produce high-density bales with its three sided compaction. The baler is best suited for medium-high quantity of scrap processing. This baling press compacts scrap into small / medium bales of sizes 8” x 8” to 14” x 14” and is best suited for processing 8-12 tons of medium sized scrap per shift.  Salient Features:
  • Each scrap baler is equipped with three separately operating compactors that presses the scrap into compact bales
  • The drive and control concepts of the scrap baling presses allow an efficient operation with particularly low energy consumption and maximum throughput capacity
  • The carefully planned construction of these metal balers is sturdy and durable due to extensive wear protection
  • The common wear parts of the compactors can be easily replaced, without having to remove the complete compactor units
  • An automatic lubrication system results in virtually trouble-free operation and minimum wear
  • Easily replaceable wear-resistance plates are provided for the long life of the feeding chamber
  • Shearing blades are provided on the edges of the chamber & the top lid to shear over sized material
  • Limit valves & Check valves are provided to avoid any accident
  • Efficient after sale service
Optional Features:
    • The machine can be customised as per requirement under the sole discretion of Jain Hydraulics
    • Heat Exchanger to keep the oil cool
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