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Scrap Baling Press, Scrap baling machine manufacturer India
We understand that elimination of scrap from any manufacturing unit or household is impossible unless a technology is created wherein the product life is immortal and there is zero scrap every time when we carve out a functional piece. Consequently, we live in a world where scrap generation is inevitable and hence, its treatment becomes critical. Scrap formation varies in type, from a manufacturing unit to the other, to location, to even size of operation. All scrap put together requires tremendous space and is a tedious task to handle. This scrap is collected by the scrap yard owners and after segregation they finally sell it to the melting industries. 
In the process, there is a lot transportation and movement of scrap. It is hence a fairly wise decision to compact all the possible scrap to uniform sized bundles so as to carry the maximum quantity at a time and be cost effective. Further, this Baled scrap allows the maximum utilisation of the furnace area, thus minimising the losses. Baling of paper, cardboard, cotton, cloth & foam scrap prevents it from various fire hazards in addition to the above stated advantages.
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