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Continuous Balers
Scrap Baler Press, Scrap baler machine manufacturer India
Jain Hydraulics brand scrap baling presses enjoy excellent reputation in scrap yards. They compact virtually all the waste scrap such as Paper, Plastic, Textile, Foam, MSW etc. The journey began way back in 1970s when Jain Hydraulics manufactured its first single action hydraulic scrap baling press to the now known fully automatic, continuous hydraulic scrap baling press.

This new generation of waste presses / waste compactors sets high standards for efficient scrap processing & thus, we offer the best solutions for them. The continuous scrap baling presses are powerful and efficient in operation. These waste balers produce high-density bales. The higher pressing force and greater output makes these waste balers one of the fastest and the strongest bundle presses / baling presses in India. And as their name states so does their higher production capabilities!
  • Automatic strapping
  • PLC Control, touch screen and observation window
  • Continuously checks the status and function of safety interlocks
  • Strength to produce high density bales
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